USA Trade Data

USA Trade Data Service details North American maritime bill of lading imported from global traders in addition to the North American free trade area of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It also includes Latin American importers from eastern and western ports. The USA trade data from the Tradedigits customs database, which updates daily, is in English.

Company Information

  • American Buyers, Buyers Address, Buyers Telephone, Buyer’s Company Name
  • Suppliers, Suppliers Contact, Suppliers Address, Contact Information

Shipping Information

  • Ship Name, Vessel, Port of Loading (Port of Departure)
  • Port of Discharge (Destination Port), Origin Country, Container Number, Arrival Data.

Goods Information

  • Description, Quantity, Quantity Unit, Weight, Weight Unit, Mark Code

Tradedigits offers several advantages of U.S. trade data services

U.S. import data

Data That Updates Fast

U.S. import data updates daily, the timeliness of which is completely satisfactory.
Accurate Data

Accurate Data

Complete data records supplemented by an enterprise’s statement analyses help enterprises precisely map the U.S. market and develop international business.
 Custom Data Services

Comprehensive Data

Tradedigits provides bill of lading import data fields, detailed product descriptions, and contact information for buyers and sellers, such as port, container number, and country information.
customs data

Reliable Strength

Tradedigits is one of the earliest research customs data companies providing US import data for thousands of companies around the world

Free Export Import Data Search of 20 Countries

    Country:      Hscode:      Description:      TradeType:import export

Tradedigits independently developed and developed trade information platform for foreign trade and import and export, which mainly provides information on import and export trade in 20 countries. Enterprises use these trade data to develop foreign trade customers and market research, always grasp trade trends, know their own business.
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