06Dec 2017




Tradedigits Customs Data Analysis

As an important component of tradedigits customs data, customs data analysis is mainly reflected in the following six aspects:
1. Develop new customers accurately and directly, check customs data or purchasers information matching with enterprises.

2. Understand the competition status of the industry, through customs data analysis, know the latest developments of competitors in the whole industry.

3. Grasp market trend, adjust product and service direction, rely on customs data analysis, timely and fully grasp the latest market dynamic, timely adjust the enterprise products and service direction.

4. Effectively integrate customer resources, assist the customer through customs delivery record, and integrate the customer resources effectively.

5. Effectively preserve important clients, analyze the customs delivery records of key customers, and better grasp the delivery cycle, new product development and order distribution of key customers.

6. Effectively save trade resources, carry out foreign trade business more accurately using Tradedigits foreign trade data analysis.

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