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Russia is a BRIC country (the other three being China, India, Brazil). Russia’s customs data, which is derived from the country’s official customs port data and bill of lading, uses the world’s most fields and is considered the most detailed customs data with as many as 102 contents. This includes HS code, product description, month, date of registration, declaration number, net weight, gross weight, amount, exporters, importers, manufacturers, trade mark, mark, destination, delivery account certificate, loading and unloading, loading quantity, delivery address, bank code, cargo space, cost, number of pallets, etc. These fields detail Russian companies’ global trade activities and can help you to develop and improve your company in Russia and in the world of international trade business.

Advantages of Russia Data

Russia’s import and export data helps enterprises reduce foreign trade risks and open new markets:

Russia Data
Monitor product demand, industry peak season, and slack season in the Russia market and adjust to make timely marketing strategies.
russian trade data
Identify and assess the overall strength of Russian companies as potential trading partners or competitors.
business data
Analyze current business data and learn about Russia's economic trends.
Shipment Data
Examine the basic supply chain elasticity strategy of the latest shipment data.

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