Mexican Customs Import Data

According to Mexican customs data, from January to June 2018, the import and export volume of Mexican goods was 443.06 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.3% over the same period of the previous year (the same below). Thereinto, the exports value was US$219.43 billion, up 11.1%; the imports value was US$223.63 billion, up 11.6%; the trade deficit was US$4.2 billion, an increase of 43.5%.

The top three imported goods in Mexico were mechanical and electrical products, mineral products and transportation equipment. The import values of the three from January to June were US$83.03 billion, US$22.68 billion and US$22.04 billion, respectively, accounting for 37.1%, 10.1% and 9.9% of total Mexican imports, respectively, increasing by 10.9%, 41.2% and 5.9%, respectively.

Trade Overview Between Mexico and the United States

The United States is Mexico’s largest trading partner. From January to June 2018, Mexico imported US$104.64 billion of goods from the United States, an increase of 11.0% year-on-year, accounting for 46.8% of Mexico’s total imports. Although the import pattern of strong dependence on the United States has not changed, Mexico is gradually strengthening its trade links with other countries and regions. From January to June, Mexico’s imports from the EU and China accounted for 12.0% and 17.4% of its total imports.

Mexico Trade Overview

Advantages of Mexico Import Customs Data

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