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China’s export import data is the most direct trading decision tool for enterprises to monitor their competitors, analyze the macro market of the industry, and locate the global market. It is an active marketing method with a high rate of return.

The Only Provider in the Market that Can Provide China Import Data

Tradedigits provides the latest and most complete China import and export data for 10-digit HS code, so you can nearly search out trade data of any HS code or company concerned. At present, Tradedigits is the only company in China which can provide the trade data with the most complete number of HS codes. Tradedigits provides you with direct, accurate, comprehensive and timely-updated market data, and in-depth analysis reports. For more information, please contact our professional information consultant by

Tradedigits provides comprehensive, accurate and detailed China customs data without HS code limitation and updated monthly.

Our Servers Features

Export Trade Data

Gain Customers from the Competition

By tracking a competitor’s trading records, you can grasp their buyers’ information and procurement rules and judge the operating conditions of your competition. Once your competitors fail, you can respond to their customers first.
Master Target Market

Identify Potential Investment Opportunities

Through tracking and statistical analysis of transaction records, we can find the change of shipments in a certain country or region, anticipate the premonitory of industrial transfers, and advance a strategic layout. At the same time, you can procure new materials, new technologies, new products, and so on.
Import Trade Data

Competitor Monitoring

By tracking buyer transaction records, find similar products of other suppliers and their share in the trade. At the same time, use your rivals’ trading records to track and master their buyers’ information, their buyers’ transaction records, and your rivals’ background. Get analyses of your rivals’ production and operation conditions to create flexible, corresponding marketing strategies. Put yourself in a good position against the competition.
 China's trade data

Master Target Market Trends

Through buyer and transaction records track a target market in order to find a product from buyers’ purchased products and market demand change. Stay on top of emerging new products and new materials.
Competitor Monitoring

Find More Profitable Buyers and Regions

Through the mining and analysis of China's trade data, we can find higher profit buyers and export areas for a particular product, reduce export costs of enterprises, and improve the profit of foreign sales. First understand popular trends of a target market, in order to improve enterprise competitiveness.
 Custom Data Services

To know the price

Monitor the price of the products you care about, understand the price changes of the shipping products, and analyze the trend of product price change.

Free Export Import Data Search of 20 Countries

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Tradedigits independently developed and developed trade information platform for foreign trade and import and export, which mainly provides information on import and export trade in 20 countries. Enterprises use these trade data to develop foreign trade customers and market research, always grasp trade trends, know their own business.
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