China Customs Data for 8 Digits HScode

China import and export customs data(or “China customs data”, “China import and export statistics data”) for 8 digits HS code, statistics of import and export quantity and amount of 20 countries for as long as 8 digits HS code, covers comprehensive, reliable and competitive data of 2007 to the latest with tens of millions entries. Tradedigits does statistical analysis of actual import and export goods. By sorting and processing information on the import and export goods declaration forms, Tradedigits then forms multi-dimensional statistics and comprehensive analysis on HS code, quantity, price, country, receiving and delivering place, trade mode, transportation mode of import and export goods.

Fields Contained In China Customs Data For 8 Digits HScode

China import and export customs data for 8 digits HS code is based on China’s import and export statistics including import and export type, quantity, amount, unit price, HS code, product description, date, country, customs ports, trade mode, transportation mode, transit countries, enterprise code, contact information (email, contact person, telephone, fax, address, etc.), and other contents. Details show China’s import and export enterprise through trade activity, display foreign trade enterprise analysis in the industry market, provide global market positions, and enable comprehensive monitoring of the import and export industry.

Tradedigits can Nearly Provide China Import and Export Customs Data For Any HScode

Our China customs data contains nearly all HS codes, and our users can choose any number of HS code according to their needs. Therefore, we can satisfy nearly all our users’ need for China’s import and export statistics.

The content of China import and export statistics data is mainly the import and export information of commodities. The data has been updated to Latest data. The data not only contains import and export statistics in the form of table, but also includes import and export analysis reports in the form of chart which mainly make analysis on aspects such as import and export customs, destination, price trend, country of origin, China’s import and export enterprises, transportation method, trade pattern, etc.

The Power of China's Trade Data

Tradedigits helps foreign trade companies locate the market, assess market share, accurately predict market dynamics, analyze demand for different foreign trade markets, and develop potential markets. China customs data is the most authoritative foreign trade analysis tool of various enterprise’s market departments for analyzing the China’s import and export.

Monitor Your Competitors

Monitor Your Competitors

Dynamically track and monitor your competitors' trade trends in a timely manner. Gain insight into your rival's transaction records, their business structure, their production and operation situation, and their supply frequencies and cycles. Know yourself and your enemy; you'll never lose a battle.
World trade analysis

Monitoring Competitive Environment

Monitor target market changes, master the competition’s distribution, and monitor your competitors’ operation conditions. We help enterprises make intuitive judgments and analyses of hot products by helping you understand target market demand trends, sales industries, industry seasons, and providing analyses of the target market’s procurement cycles.
Shipment Data

Analysis of Target Market

The products that you are interested in are in the global market and you need a precise understanding of purchasing amounts, quantities, and purchase unit prices. We provide dynamic and current analysis of market increases of each country for recent years. Discover up-to-date information on emerging target markets and formulate strategies for enterprise development.
product price

Understand Price Changes

Understand the price changes of the products you care about in a timely fashion. Understand shipping price changes, analyze product price change trends, and take the initiative in negotiations with customers.

Free Export Import Data Search of 20 Countries

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Tradedigits independently developed and developed trade information platform for foreign trade and import and export, which mainly provides information on import and export trade in 20 countries. Enterprises use these trade data to develop foreign trade customers and market research, always grasp trade trends, know their own business.
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