Role of Customs Data in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a fast growing industry with new products appearing every day. The important thing is to stay a step ahead. Tradedigits’s customs data provides a real-time view of global chemical products’ trading records including product, quantity, amount, country of origin/destination country, as well as suppliers and purchasers.

Seek New Suppliers

Find suppliers of products including pesticides, medicines, plastics/polymers, cosmetics, adhesives, etc.

Track Competitors

Monitor competitors, understand each transaction record, and keep an eye on global competitors in the U.S. market.

Monitor Product Source

Start growth and profitability strategies to supervise buyers, sellers, partners, and global competitors.

Optimize the Chemical Supply Chain

Control cost, manage risk, and strengthen negotiation position.

Monitor Product Demand

Gauge supply and demand. Also compare and plan trade flows, cycles, quantities, and costs.

Tradedigits provides several advantages to the chemical industry using customs data

Customs Data

Self-Developed Customs Data System

The customs data system used by Tradedigits is uniquely developed by our own professional technical team and is not derived from another company’s products.
Export Trade Data

Excellent Technical Team

The core members of the technical team have 10 years’ worth of experience in the development of customs data systems.
Import Trade Data

Data Authenticity Authority

The data is derived from raw, aggregated data to ensure that each data output is real and authentic.
Trade Analysis

Service Personality Customization

We make the most suitable cooperation plan customized according to the needs of each user.
foreign trade experience

Professional Customer Service Expert

Our customer service department has been engaged in the foreign trade industry for many years and we combine the data with our foreign trade experience to serve you well.
Shipment Data

Dedicated Team

The data processing department strictly abides by our promise that our data is first processed and delivered. The customer service department is always ready to answer any customer's call and solve the customer's problem.
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