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Brazil is the most developed country in South America and is the 26th largest importer in the world. In terms of land area, it is considered to be the fifth largest country in the world. According to the trade statistics of the Secretariat of Foreign Trade(SECEX), the import and export volume of Brazilian goods for the whole year of 2017 was 368.49 billion US dollars, an increase of 14.2% over the same period of the previous year (the same below). Among which, exports volume was 217.74 billion US dollars, up 17.6%; imports were 150.75 billion US dollars, up 9.6%. The trade surplus was 66.99 billion US dollars, an increase of 40.5%.

Our Brazil import customs data can provide you with important commodity intelligence details to help you make the right business decisions. In addition to Brazil import trade data, we also provide business intelligence reports on Brazilian trade, which are compiled by our market research experts and data analysts through processing Brazilian import statistics to help you boost your businesses.

Field Contents Of Brazil Import Trade Data

Brazil B/L data:Date, Importer, HScode, Value (USD), Freight (USD), Insurance (USD), CIF (USD), Weight (Kgs), Origin Country, Supplier, Registered Un, loading Place, Shipping Method, Incoterms …


Brazil customs declaration data:Data, HScode, Company ID, Company, Customs, State, Shipping Method, Weight (Kgs), Price, Value (USD), Origin …

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Tradedigits is a reliable source of market intelligence for Brazilian trade information, and we collect Brazilian import customs details from trusted official agencies so that we can get a more genuine picture of Brazil’s imports.

Our Brazilian import statistics and customs details allow you to track the cargo situation of competitors, grasp the trade trends of competitors, which enable you to compare them with yourself to find your disadvantages so as to improve the competitiveness of your company.

For companies who first enter the Brazilian market, they must find it hard to find suitable buyers. Well, our Brazil import customs data will help such companies solve the problem. For we can provide a correct and trusted list of potential buyers in Brazil, making opportunities for the business development in Brazil.

Through our Brazil customs import data, you will be able to get the latest dynamics of Brazilian trade and understand the demand and supply of products in the Brazilian market.

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