Argentina Import Export Trade Data

The Republic of Argentina is a federal republic country in southern South America bordering Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and facing the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast. The capital is Buenos Aires, the official language is Spanish, and the currency is the Argentine peso. Argentine customs data is the Argentine customs declaration data.

Argentina is a major player in global import and export trade, ranking 41st in the world’s largest importing countries. Tradedigits provides you with Argentina customs data from 2009 to the latest data. Just several simple clicks with your mouse, you are able to own Argentine import and export data and all shipping records.

Argentina Customs Data Fields

Argentina customs data includes foreign trade data such as buyer information, cargo information, and transportation information to help you understand what products the buyers purchase, as well as what the quantity, weight, and procurement cycle of the purchase are. The Argentina database provides you with accurate Argentine customer resources, so that it’s more easy for you to contact with your potential customers than your competitors and increase business cooperation opportunities.

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Corporate Information — Importer, Importer_Id, Export_Id

Goods Information — Hscode, Brand, Attributes, Goods_Desc, Attributes

Transaction Information — Cif_Value, Fob_Value, Quantity, G_Weight, Insurance, Freight, Packages, Incoterms

Shipping Information — Origin_Country, Sales_Country, Dest_Country, Customs, Trans_Type, Start_Port

Why should you choose Tradedigits?

The Argentine Customs data provided by us is records of all shipments by sea, land and air. It is real import and export trade statistics, helping you to easily and efficiently search for potential and accurate exporter/importer details of Argentina, master every shipment records, and successfully monitor your competitors’ new products or new customers.

We can customize market analysis reports for any industry in Argentina to help you make wise strategies based on our accurate trade information.
Argentina customs data is updated monthly, so we can provide the latest and most accurate data on Argentina's import and export.
In addition to Argentine customs data, we also provide import and export databases of other 19 countries.

Free Export Import Data Search of 20 Countries

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Tradedigits independently developed and developed trade information platform for foreign trade and import and export, which mainly provides information on import and export trade in 20 countries. Enterprises use these trade data to develop foreign trade customers and market research, always grasp trade trends, know their own business.
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